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Performance shoes, also know as racing shoes or fats, are ideal for running fast; whether you're running in a race or doing speed sessions these shoes are ideal.

Why Wear Running Performance Flats?

Performance flats, like barefoot and minimalist shoes, are stripped down, with no extra cushioning to weigh them down.


With less weight than regular road running shoes, they offer a more responsive ride giving the ultimate in running performance.


While many runners, especially elites race in racing flats, there are definately benefits for beginners and intermediates too.

Just be aware that performance flats usually achieve their weight reduction by stripping down the material under your foot; the cushioning and the stability. This makes them ideal for biomechanically efficient runners with a neutral gait, but less so for those who severely overpronate.


Like stability shoes however, the degree of support and cushioning they do offer will vary, affecting the weight of the shoe. When choosing a racing shoe remember that the longer the distance, the greater the profile and cushioning should be. 


To choose the best performance flats for you check out our easy to follow buying guide or pop into your local Runners Need store for your free gait analysis and expert advice.

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