Born in Norway and engineered in Switzerland, ODLO combines 70 years of innovation with a track record of staying One Step Ahead to produce premium performance sportswear for all year active individuals.


ODLO's passion for sport stems from their strong Norwegian roots. Born in Norway 70 years ago out of a need to create quality performance clothing to function in the harshest conditions - innovation is in ODLO's DNA. Weaving Norwegian heritage and Swiss engineering into modern, functional and comfortable sports apparel - these are exceptional clothes for active lifestyles.


As the original inventor of sports underwear, ODLO's products are built in line with the principle "from the skin up", specialising in layers built to withstand time spent in nature. Their clothing technologies help keep you toasty warm on winter jogs and cool and breathable on summer workouts, perfect for those outside all year round. ODLO's clothing is designed 'from the inside out' - because athletes only enjoy and perform their best when they feel good from the skin up. Engineering outdoor clothing and active layers since 1946 - always be one step ahead with ODLO.

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