Men's carbon plate running shoes


Browse our range of men’s carbon plate running shoes and discover premium footwear crafted for ultimate performance and breaking your personal bests. Carbon plate running shoes are created to provide runners with the latest and greatest in running technology. Combined with other materials such as fibreglass and nylon to deliver an efficient, responsive, and comfortable ride, and ideal for short, medium, and long distance. Constructed featuring a carbon plate that helps to distribute energy throughout the foot, providing a more efficient stride and reduced fatigue. Additionally, the shoes feature a breathable and flexible mesh upper, which allows air to circulate and helps to keep the feet cool and comfortable during extended use. Carbon plated shoes provide a snug and secure fit thanks to their lace-up design, ensuring that they stay in place even during the most strenuous of activities. Many products in our men’s carbon plate range also meet one or more of our environmental criteria and are available in Runners Need’s Our Planet collection.  All from top brands including Adidas, Hoka, New Balance, On, and Saucony.
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