Our Purpose

We exist to empower the human spirit, with every stride, on every run, and in every community.

Our Brand Platform

At Saucony, we Run for Good. For more than a century, we’ve been running for good performance, good health, and good communities. For more feel-good runs with good people in our lives. Run for Good is the filter through which we make our decisions and it’s our North Star to guide where we’ll run to next.

Our Story

We believe in the transformative power of running. From the moment we lace up our shoes, to the way we feel when we hit our stride and experience the runner’s high: running inspires us. For good. Saucony was founded way back in 1898, just two years after the first modern day Olympics and one year after the first Boston Marathon. Ever since, we’ve been loyal to the sport, building goodness into every product and inviting millions around the world to run with us. Along the way, we discovered running is a means to an end. We run for fitness and mental health. For ice cream and beer. For ourselves and for our communities. Running brings out the best in us, and bridges the gap between the people we are and the people we want to be. So whether it’s to find our inner strength, discover our world, or be part of something bigger than ourselves, we run for the goodness of running. And that’s been at the heart of our brand every step of our journey.

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