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New Balance is one of the biggest names in the trainer world, with a reputation for high-performance designs perfect for runners and athletes. Now in its 13th edition, their Fresh Foam range combines ultra-lightweight cushioning with a bouncy and responsive feel underfoot, making them an excellent choice for road running, gym sessions or simply all-day wear.


One of their most popular Fresh Foam models is the 1080. Find out the key considerations, including sizing, technologies, breathability, durability and more.


Key Features of the New Balance 1080 v13

Fresh Foam X midsole This provides exceptional cushioning and shock absorption thanks to the single piece of foam that runs the full length of the shoe. It gives a plush feel underfoot whilst still being responsive.
Engineered mesh upper A lightweight and breathable material that helps keep feet cool and comfortable. It's also durable enough to withstand frequent wear.
6mm drop From heel to toe there is a 6mm drop, promoting a more natural foot position and stride.


Sizing and Fit  

The New Balance 1080 v13 runs true to size for most people. Order a half size up if you have wider feet. The design gives a snug and adaptable fit around the midfoot and heel.  


If you'll be using your New Balance 1080 for faster training like tempo or speed sessions, consider going half a size down for a really locked-in fit.


As with any trainer, it's best to try them on in-store if possible to ensure you get the correct sizing.  


Weight and Breathability

At around 262g for a men's v13 1080 and 206g for women’s, the latest models are exceptionally lightweight for such a cushioned shoe. The single layer engineered mesh upper effectively allows excess heat and moisture to escape. This helps keep feet fresh even during hot summer runs.


Reviewers note the 1080s are becoming significantly more breathable than previous versions. Dropping the overlays on the toe box improves ventilation in this area.


The responsive Fresh Foam midsole prevents feet from overheating as efficiently as softer foams can. However, the bounce-back feel does make these trainers well suited to faster paced running.


Durability and Wear

This Fresh Foam model is built to be a high-mileage trainer. Reviewers report the outsole rubber provides great traction and is proving very durable. It's showing minimal signs of wear even after several hundred kilometres of use.


The engineered mesh upper is also proving resilient, with no tears appearing in high-flex areas like the forefoot. The HypoKin overlays are doing an excellent job protecting the upper from abrasions.  


Of course, lifespan will depend on how frequently you run in the 1080s and the conditions. But early feedback suggests a lifespan of 500-600km or more, above average for a lightweight neutral runner.


Where to Use the New Balance 1080 v13

While labelled a neutral runner, the generous cushioning makes the 1080 v13 versatile for a range of training and races.


It's an excellent choice for high-mileage road running, especially marathon training. The bounce from the Fresh Foam midsole helps keep legs fresher for those long distances.  


The support is suitable for mild to moderate overpronators. If you need more correction for overpronation look for a stability model like the New Balance 860v10.


Midfoot strikers find this model encourages a smooth heel-to-toe gait cycle. But forefoot strikers also appreciate the 1080's forgiving cushioning on landing.   


For most runners this model works well across varied speeds and terrain. It's responsive enough for tempo training but provides enough protection for easy recovery jogs.


If you primarily need a gym shoe, the 1080s have enough stability for lifting, cardio and short bursts of plyometrics or agility drills.


The New Balance 1080 v13 is available both online and in-store. Try them on in a Runners Need store before buying, or purchase online once you know your correct Fresh Foam 1080 sizing.


The 1080 is a lightweight and responsive neutral trainer that can help take your running to the next level.

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