Adidas PureBoostx +  Launch + Runners Need + Party + Trainers + Adidas


What do you do when the new adidas PureBOOSTX is launched? You throw a party, of course. But not just any party, one that tests the limits of both the shoes and the ladies wearing them.

On Wednesday 14th September we gathered 30 women, including team Runners Need and adidas, and celebrated the launch of the #PureBOOSTX by taking on a 45 minute Reshape class at 1Rebel gym, followed by a 3k run to Runners Need Kings Cross. Once we’d put the shoe through its paces, we partied! Here’s a rundown of what happened and what you can expect from the new PureBOOSTX.


Adidas PureBoostx +  Launch + Runners Need + Party + Trainers + Adidas

Team Runners Need arrived at 1Rebel gym in time for a quick brief with the adidas team and their selected ‘boosters’. These are members of the adidas team that know everything there is to know about the PureBOOSTX and were on hand to tell our guests about the shoe and its boosted technology. Once we were kitted out with our tester shoes, we welcomed the remaining guests before heading in to our very first Reshape class. We’d heard it was tough, but no one could have prepared us for those deadmill sprints.


45 minutes of weights, squats, push-ups and sprints complete, it felt like we’d been wearing the PureBOOSTX for hours. Fortunately, the lightweight design and breathable material meant our feet were still feeling ready for the 3km run.


Once we’d taken a few Instagram snaps and selfies, we headed outside to join Adrienne and the adidas boosters to hit the streets of London in our new shoes. 


Thankful for the slightly cooler evening weather, all 30 ladies were briefed on the route and we were off on our road run. Adrienne was our group leader and resident DJ, playing the tunes we all needed to get into the party spirit and to keep us weaving through the streets of London. The PureBOOSTX certainly felt comfortable on the run, and light enough that it was almost easy to forget you were wearing them.


Having completed the 3km run, we were all surprisingly full of energy (if a little sweaty) and looked like a serious group of runners in our matching footwear. The red colour way challenges the typical ‘female’ trainer style and previous versions of the PureBOOSTX. It’s a serious looking shoe and delivers the return it promises on the road.


Mandatory stretching and cool down was led by our resident influencer/DJ Adrienne, and we were on our way in to check out the party that adidas had arranged for us in-store.

Adidas PureBoostx +  Launch + Runners Need + Party + Trainers + Adidas + Kit


As we had expected, the Runners Need store had been dressed in the finest adidas and PureBOOSTX merchandise. There were plenty of photo opportunities to make the most of once you’d grabbed your recovery smoothie and few healthy treats.


Team Runners Need made their way straight to the braid bar to get our hair braided before being covered in festival style glitter. Seriously, what more could we want?


Once we’d recovered, been braided and covered in a little sparkle we made our way to the GIF booth. Obligatory adidas posing and a few failed gymnastics attempts (anything for a good photo) complete, we spent some time admiring our footwear before heading home.


With our goody bags in hand and flip-flops back on, the party was over. We’d been boosted, and were now all planning our PureBOOSTX purchase. 

What's the Verdict?

Adidas PureBoostx +  Launch + Runners Need + Party + Trainers + Adidas + Kit

Despite not spending weeks training in these shoes, the Runners Need team were really pleased with the quality, style and return from the shoe. The colourways available at Runners Need are sure to turn heads and keep you powered up for your runs. 

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