Running in the rain is an invigorating experience. Continuous drops of water help cool your skin and can keep your temperature regulated as you go the distance.
However, there are many health considerations to take into account, as wearing incorrect clothing can not only slow you down and impair your vision, but can also lead to a drop in your immune system, and loss of sensation in your extremities, particularly during the harsher winter conditions that are on their way.

That’s we stock specialised waterproof and water-resistant clothing and accessories, fit for your runs, whatever the weather. From headlamps and GPS watches to waterproof and water-resistant jackets to running pants. Waterproof clothing offers the highest standard of protection from rain, hail, and snow; which may seem a given, but with that standard, comes drawbacks.The fabrics are so tight that liquids simply cannot get through, which works both ways.

Let’s set the scene, you’re sprinting in January, during a thundery hailstorm… Picturesque, indeed. You’ve just hit 5k and you’re beginning to sweat heavily, you may be protected from the gusts of hail swirling towards you, but there is nowhere for that internal moisture to go, which means eventually you will overheat, getting wet from the inside-out. However, if you were out on a long walk in that same winter hailstorm, a waterproof jacket, and trouser combo would be ideal, keeping you warm and dry against the elements. Whereas a water-resistant jacket offers more of a balance, these fabrics are tightly wound, but with some ‘give’. This allows the fabric to breathe, and while you won’t be fully protected from the harshest of conditions, you will stay almost completely dry. Meaning you can go the distance, knowing that heat and moisture can escape outwards. So when it comes to the downpour, be sure to consider your needs. And from top brands including RonhillNike, and On – we have you covered.


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