Adidas running trainer


Adidas' new trainer is the best thing since sliced bread says Runners Need Social Media Exec. Bobby Gordon

With a great design that compliments the sheer craftsmanship of the footwear, adding elements from Adidas’s TORSION® SYSTEM and the likes of Continental™, the Adidas Suernova is as stylish as it is high-performing. And most importantly, it's Runner ready!


Here's why I like it so much...

Neutral Type

One thing to remember is that everyone has different feet which require different types of footwear, and knowing your running type is crucial for when deciding which pair of trainers is best for you when running. My running type is Neutral, which is perfect for this trainer. This means that when I strike the floor with my heel, as I roll towards my feet, my arch will collapse inwards to absorb the impact.


If you don’t know your running type, pop in to your local Runners Need and try our free Gait Analysis service.

Men's running shoe

Comfy and flexible

Technology from Adidas with STRETCHWEB allows the trainer to be more flexible and responsive, which will no doubt make your running experience more enjoyable. The TORSION® SYSTEM allows the forefoot and heel to move independently for better surface adaptation and stability.

Suitable for all conditions 

Continental™ traction compound soles provide a remarkable sense of grip allowing all runners to excel when training or competing, such grip that a high level of performance can be recorded even in the worst weather conditions, which makes them a particularly good choice for us Brits.

Running show with grippy sole
Adidas running shoe

Odor fighting technology

Not sure about you, but after a good run, I tend to smell like a wilderness rather than a bouquet of roses which gives me another reason for why I love this trainer. The use of a mesh upper acts as a second skin allowing the footwear to breathe, allowing vapor to escape the shoe, relieving you of that damp feeling when running and helping to stop the shoe from smelling too. 

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