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In the 1960s there was nothing. Just cotton shorts that weighed a ton when wet. No waterproofs, no lightweight shoes, no vents. So Ron took the matter into his own hands and founded Ronhill.


Drawing on years of experience, Ron pioneered simple but revolutionary new innovations in sports apparel – like the shorts with a side split and the development of new, moisture wicking textiles. Today’s industry standards in performance apparel were Ronhill world firsts. And that’s why they’re more than just a sports fashion brand; they’re a running institution.


Ronhill is named after Dr Ron Hill MBE - Accrington lad, scientist, world record breaker and runner. But not just any runner; Ron was a serious runner. And when you’re clocking the kind of mileage he was (in excess of 100 miles a week) you start to notice where your gear is letting you down - and for Ron it was clothing.

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