Adidas + Run Kit + Sea


The newest running gadget to come from Garmin is the entry level Forerunner 10. This is no longer a fancy, tricky to use, gizmo-gadget to be avoided by technophobic runners – it is a stylish, affordable and easy to use GPS watch. View on our website for full tech. spec’s and pricing: Garmin Forerunner 10.

The first thing to note about the watch is that it is genuinely the size of a watch. And with green/white and black/red colour options there is a lot more fun in the design than past models. The screen size is about that of a large digital watch and during a run that will show you the time elapsed and the distance covered – done.

It will also provide an estimation of calories burned and pace on a separate screen.There is no heart rate strap available for the Forerunner 10 so calories burned is a crude calculation based on gender, build and distance covered. But better than nothing I suppose and certainly a useful tool to motivate many runners – weight loss is often the goal for many joggers and runners.

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