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Browse the Runners Need Road Running shoe sale collection and discover premium footwear made for the tarmac, all at great prices. This season , find your run when you browse our men’s and women’s road running shoe sale range and discover your perfect fitness partner for less, with offers on top brands, including On Running, HOKASaucony,  BrooksNew Balance,  Asics,  Mizuno, and many more.


Road running has countless physical and mental benefits, being a great way to de-stress, improve cardiovascular fitness, build muscle strength and hone endurance. For commuters, road running can be an incredibly efficient way to travel long distances. In fact, many experts believe that road running is the best way to get from one place to another! So, with all this in mind, owning a great pair of performance women's road running shoes or innovative men's road running shoes can prove essential to your running routine. With the Runners Need end-of-season sale – we have the perfect pair of shoes for everyone this winter, with a collection of shoes made to hit the city streets in comfort and style.


If you want to run efficiently, you need to take some considerations into account, such as your gait analysis to help reduce your risk of injury. Gait analysis is your foot's alignment with the ground as you run. There are three types of gait: neutral, overpronation (as the foot plants on the ground, the foot rolls inwards, transferring weight to the inner edge of the foot), and under-pronation (the transferring of weight to the outer edge). If you're interested in learning more, speak to your nearest in-store experts or look online for your gait analysis.


Crafted from premium, durable materials and fabrics, our hand-picked selection of women's road running shoes and men's road running shoes in our end-of-season sale are all designed to help you smash your New Year PB goals for less this winter. Many products in our selection also meet one or more of our environmental criteria and are available in the Runners Need Our Planet collection. So what are you waiting for? Lace up, get ready, and hit the road in style this winter. See you there!

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