Whether you’re loved-up, flying solo or ‘it’s complicated’ this Valentine’s Day, we all know a love affair with running is forever. We’re taking the opportunity this romantic holiday to express just why running will always be our one true love.



You can run any time, any place

There’s no complication in this relationship. Whenever the mood for a run takes you, it’s just a case of putting on your trainers and going wherever you want to go. Running is always there for you!



The ‘runner’s high’ is the best feeling in the world, no question. The joy when you smash a PB, take on a new route or really just finish a run at all, is caused by endorphins – the same chemicals that are associated with the feeling of well-being and security in a romantic partnership. We’re not saying running is the only relationship you need, but it’s hard to argue with science…


Running with friends

Running is the love you don’t mind sharing. In fact, the best motivation is having friends supporting and encouraging you to reach your goals!


Competition entries

The training schedule, the anticipation, the thrill of race day…entering competitions is one of the very best things about running, for the way it inspires runners to push their limits and demonstrates how far they’ve come. The effort you put into running is always rewarded!


New kit

There’s a special excitement that comes with new kit, whether it’s the latest high-tech trainers or just a pair of socks. Why not forget the flowers and chocolates and treat yourself to what you really want this Valentine’s Day?