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Top 10 Running Shoes Fit For Summer

Let’s face it - Summer running can be tough. Higher temperatures, hot tarmac, and dry, dusty trails bring their own lists of problems and hindrances that can put even the boldest runners off grabbing their trainers and hitting the tracks. However, it needn’t be that way. With longer days and cool, crisp evenings, the window to get out running continues to lengthen , giving us free-er roads and paths to traverse and fewer excuses not to grab the headphones, load up the hottest new playlist, and get moving.


If you plan to hit the race track, tarmac, or the hills this summer, the one thing it does pay to be is prepared. Staying hydrated and being equipped with the right gear are essential to staying safe while out and about facing the tumultuous British sunshine, as searing temperatures and a lack of moisture in the air can easily be the downfall to your running and racing plans. Most of us will agree that what we put on our feet is essential to keeping us safe, prepared, and getting us out the door chasing that PB. Comfort, stability, and support - these are the main factors you should always consider when buying a new pair of running shoes. Our feet are the part of our body that makes contact with the floor, so keeping them feeling both comfortable and supported while going at pace is essential. Only through buying the appropriate running shoes for your body and running style will you feel the drive to continually push yourself further forward, no matter the conditions overhead.


Here at Runners Need, we’ve put together a list of this season's top running shoes to help make that early morning running routine feel that little bit less like a chore. From the every-dayers to the race-day speed demons, read ahead to discover everything you need to put your best foot forward and get moving this summer.

Road Running

Ideal for those of us living in cities and towns, early morning road running can be one of the best ways to start your day and avoid the oppressive summer heat. Road running has proved to be a fantastic way to mentally and physically de-stress, and can help improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and endurance.


Read ahead and discover the right shoe for you and your summer runs with our picks of some of the latest and greatest shoes to enter into our road running collection, all from top brands like On, Brooks, Saucony, and Altra. These are all shoes that factor in your comfort and safety while out testing your mettle in the summer sun, helping to reduce the risk of injury and discomfort over short and long distance runs. Incorporating innovative absorption and moisture-wicking, traction and stability on paved surfaces, breathable mesh uppers that allow air to circulate freely to keep feet cool and dry, and sole and heel technology to provide comfort, cushioning, and support on tarmac. No matter the distance, we have something for every runner here at Runners Need.

ON - Cloud X3

ON Cloud X3 - Men's Expert Review

Whether it’s pumping the miles on the tarmac, a spot of high-intensity interval training, mixed sports with the boys and girls down the park, or recovering after a long race – there really isn’t a whole lot On’s Cloud X3 running shoes can’t help you achieve out on the roads, or down the gym.


Born from On’s continued and renowned expertise in running this trainer is made for just about anything, from gym sessions to HIIT, callisthenics, to jump rope – it does it all. The re-engineered 3-layer mesh optimizes breathability, confidence-boosting support and exceptional durability, perfect for those hot summer days kicking around the fields. In addition, it’s made from 90-95% recycled content, making it just as good for the planet as it is for your high-energy workout routine.


Ultralight and reactive, the improved fit, star-style lacing, low CloudTec sole cushioning and energizing Speedboard all combine to give you the confidence and lateral support you need day after day. With a weight of just 201/243g. So, if you’re looking for a road running shoe you can use for everything and anything this summer, it’s safe to say you’ve found it in the Cloud X3 from On.

ON - Cloudmonster

ON Cloudmonster - Women's Expert Review

As scary good for the road as it is for recovery, On’s Cloudmonster is weirdly different – but trust us, that’s a good thing! Perfect for adding electricity to any summer run, be it a couch to 5k or that big city marathon you’ve been training for, as weird as it may seem in design, this trainer is nothing but serious in its performance. A radical rocker-shaped shoe that’ll propel you forward stride after stride, the Cloudmonster features On’s largest-ever CloudTec and max Helion superfoam cushioning with some of the biggest clouds in their range. giving the wearer the ultimate CloudTec experience and an unrivalled super-springy feeling.


Coming in a lightweight 230/275g, the Cloudmonster is durable, breathable, and temperature-resistant for those long summer days when all you want to do is put your foot to the pavement and get running. The easy step-in and sleek, smooth recycled sockliner exude comfort, while the soft-touch engineered upper is made from 80% recycled polyester, making it just as good for the planet as it is for your run.


The grip rubber compound on the outsole in key high-impact areas prevents wear and creates durability that will last you season after season. With a signature, ultra-powerful speed board for explosive take-offs, luxuriously soft landings and maximum rebound – this is a shoe with unbelievable energy return and a forward-rolling running style you'll find hard to match. Go on, what are you waiting for? Get weird!


BROOKS - Glycerin 20 GTS

BROOKS Glycerin 20 GTS - Women's Expert Review

Give your feet a break from the humdrum with Brooks’ Glycerin 20 GTS running shoes. Proving that running needn’t hurt your hips, knees, and feet, these are trainers built for supreme softness and smart support and are an ideal choice for those wanting that extra touch of comfort in the warmer temps without the sacrifice in durability.


Highly breathable, the newly engineered air mesh upper gives the wearer an improved, secure fit that keeps feet both cool and comfortable as you rack up the miles on the hot tarmac. The nitrogen-infused DNA Loft v3 max cushioning reacts to your own unique stride, giving you an individual, super smooth ride that’s optimized to be as comfortable and plush as it is ultra-lightweight, incredibly responsive, and durable.


But it doesn’t end there – as Brooks’ in-built, iconic Guiderails technology also helps to support your body through its own natural stride. This aids all elements of your figure while on the go, preventing excessive movement and helping to keep you cool, comfortable and on the move. For those looking for a shoe that will help train your body towards a smoother, cooler running style, you’ve found it with the Glycerin 20 GTS.

SAUCONY - Omni 21

SAUCONY Omni 21 - Men's Expert Review

Perfect for those looking for an everyday road runner that can keep up with the climbing summer temperatures and sizzling sunshine, Saucony’s Omni 21 running shoe is great for those routine runners that never miss a beat.


The one for the eco-conscious, the Saucony Omni 21 is both vegan and made with a fully recycled mesh, making it the ideal choice for those of us who like to give something back to the world they love to explore. The seamless, sophisticated, marbled upper is highly breathable and supports the foot by hugging it in close, giving you incredible durability while keeping feet cool, comfortable, and ready to challenge anything.


Designed to inspire and invigorate, this trainer comes with a bold, fast design and a supportive 3D print that's lightweight and comfortable - perfect for those days spent going the extra mile. APMA certified, the Omni 21 also comes outfitted with a supportive webbing, midfoot support system, and a FORMFIT design to help keep feet locked in, in addition to a soft PWRRUN foam that gives you an additional bite of cushioning without the unnecessary added bulky weight. The result? A supportive, reliable feeling underfoot and a soft, stable ride that can go the distance - just as much as you can.

ALTRA - Vanish Carbon

ALTRA Vanish Carbon - Women's Expert Review

For those who hear summer and think swift, meet Altra’s first-ever speed running shoe made for long distances, the Vanish Carbon. Available in a bright and bold coral-on-black colourway that’ll be sure to get fellow sprinter's heads turning, this road racing shoe is as confident at the centre of a marathon as it is alone on an afternoon 10k around the block.


Found in the in-between place where comfort meets speed, Altra’s Vanish Carbon comes equipped with Altra’s Slim FootShape fit and a toebox designed to give you the power and stability needed to reach top speed in every stride, especially on the uphill climbs and downhill descents. The innovative EGO™ PRO foam midsole gives you a highly cushioned step that’ll keep feet comfortable as the miles continue to rack up, whilst the Balanced Cushioning™ platform positions your heel and forefoot at an equal distance to the ground to encourage better alignment, running form, and a low impact landing.


And for the speed-heads, Altra’s Active Stance Rocker provides an efficient, springy toe-off ideal for keeping you moving, alongside a featherweight construction, and a Propel carbon half-plate designed to flex naturally with your foot for an added little boost and a burst of propulsion in every stride. Keep moving and performing, no matter the distance with Altra's Vanish Carbon.

Trail Running

For the ones that don't need roads, don't need a route, and prefer to test their mettle against untrodden paths and dusty trails. Welcome. We've got you covered. Here at Runners Need, we have a collection of trail running shoes made to match every runner's stride, all specially designed for grip, traction, and to endure any and all weather. So step up and get pumped, it's time to meet the range of trainers made for the off-roaders, the fast and light hikers, and the thrill seekers.


The summer months present a new host of challenges to any runner, with sky-high temperatures and baked-hard trail paths. That's why we've paved the way to your perfect pair by creating a list of running shoes that make sure to factor in the most important features of running off-road in the warmer weather, reducing your risk of injury and discomfort. Get ready to step into our list of the top summer trail runners, all outfitted with the safety and comfort features you need when out and about challenging yourself against the sizzling summer sun. Read ahead and discover the right shoe for you, with fantastic choices incorporating innovative absorption and moisture-wicking, traction and durability on rugged surfaces, breathable mesh uppers to keep feet cool and dry, and sole and heel technology to provide comfort, cushioning, and support, even on the most unruly and uneven of terrain. From the countryside joggers to the speed hiking adventurers, get ready to discover it all with Runners Need.

BROOKS - Cascadia 16

BROOKS Cascadia 16 - Men's Expert Review

Made to conquer any and all trails, the Brooks Cascadia 16 Running Shoe is a neutral trainer offering all-terrain stability and durability against rocks and debris alongside a softer, lighter cushioning that's perfect for those warmer temperatures. Combining the best of previous renditions, this is the plusher, lighter Cascadia made for exploring all there is to see out under the summer sun, and is as ideal a runner as it is an approach or walking shoe for fast and light hiking and adventures out in the hills.


So what about the Cascadia 16 makes it different? Well for starters, the flexible protection and enhanced adaptability of the Cascadia 16 make it a fantastic choice for beginners looking to challenge themselves against those slightly tougher trails and hills, with a soft under-foot feeling and continuous smooth ride made for exploring new paths. The super-breathable, engineered mono loop mesh with 3D fit print gives an adaptive, effortlessly comfortable fit while retaining complete airflow to stop feet from overheating when out under that oppressive summer sun.


As for the base, the midsole and Trailtack rubber outsole allow this shoe to mould to even the most unruly of floors, with release grooves designed for tough terrain adaptability and exceptional wet/dry traction. An updated Ballistic Rock Shield and gaiter tab on the heel protect feet from errant pebbles and debris while adapting to the severity of the terrain with vertical grooves for side-to-side movement to keep your footing stable and sure. But that’s not all, as you'll never have to worry about soggy feet again with in-built drainage ports allowing unwanted moisture to escape, preventing absorption and extra weight. With improved stability, traction for any weather, and exceptional breathability and adaptability, this is, without a doubt, the perfect shoe for baked summer clay and those unpredictable British summer showers.

SAUCONY - Peregrine 13

SAUCONY Peregrine 13 - Men's Expert Review

This summer? Ditch the speed limit. It’s time to hit the trails high and low. For those looking for a challenge, Saucony’s Peregrine 13 promises to hold nothing back. Outfitted with exceptional speed and stamina, this is a shoe made for the ultimate in off-road running experiences. 


Named after the fastest animal on earth, the Peregrine 13 is a featherweight, vegan, part-recycled combination designed to help you go faster and further than ever, with a friendly nod to the planet along the way. Neutral, ultralightweight, and coming in just 235/275g, the Peregrine 13 gives you a lighter-than-air feel that delivers even more speed than its predecessors, promising to leave you with an incredible running feeling designed for the fast and furious.


Going inside, you'll discover a lightweight, cushioned PWRRUN foam midsole designed to give a comfortable everyday feel, no matter the pace. The PWRTRAC blown rubber outsole with 5mm lugs and rock guard gives you maximum traction and grip even on the most rugged terrain, be it hard-baked soil or that slick layer of mud after an errant summer shower. With a dependable grip and a pace that'll leave anyone eating your dust, get ready to ignore the distractions and focus on the speed. It's time to soar.


NEW BALANCE Hierro V7 - Women's Expert Review

For those looking for a running shoe that’ll be just as good tackling the trails as it would be taking in the scenic views on a family hiking trip, meet New Balance’s Fresh Foam X Hierro V7 – the adventure lovers trainer that always puts your comfort first.


Uneven ground, debris, and moisture, the New Balance Fresh Foam X Hierro V7 has been designed to overcome all the unique challenges hiking and trail running like to throw at your shoes, with a specialized construction to battle the elements in bold style. The synthetic mesh upper gives the wearer exceptional breathability and enhanced protection against debris and undulating terrain thanks to its incredibly close-knit mesh design and a no-sew overlay. In addition, Toe Protect technology helps to shield the most vulnerable area of your foot from errant rocks and avoid the pain of stubbed toes - an incredibly helpful feature on those sheer inclines and treacherous descents.


Down below, the newly re-designed Vibram MegaGrip outsole with new lug construction provides the wearer with exceptional grip, making this easily one of the best trail running shoes for tougher hiking and running paths. And where there’s traction and reliability there is also incredible comfort, with a Fresh Foam X midsole that gives out some exceptionally plush cushioning where needed. With trainers like these, it's safe to say your summer runs and hikes just became a whole lot easier.

INOV-8 - X-Talon 212 V2

SAUCONY X-Talon 212 V2 - Women's Expert Review

For the racers and the high-tempo athletes, Inov-8’s X-Talon 212 V2 trail running shoe is here and ready to dominate the tracks. Super-grippy and sticky, this is a classic, lightweight 212g trainer which has as much confidence handling the hot, baked trails as it does the soft, wet terrain after an unexpected summer downpour.


The evolution of a decade-old legend in the X-Talon 212, this second version helps bring back everything we all knew and loved about the original, but with the extra additions that make it oh-so-perfect for racing, training, and agility over trails, fells, mountains, and obstacle courses. The precision fit helps keep the foot secure and locked in for an enhanced nimble feel. The StickyGrip rubber ensures superb off-trail traction with 8mm deep lugs for uncompromising levels of talon-like grip on even the muddiest, slickest terrain. Finally, the super-tough upper gives enhanced durability and protection, ideal for running over rocks and crags where injury could prove rife.


Super-grippy, reliable, and made to handle the toughest of conditions underfoot. I guess the real question is, what CAN’T this trail runner accomplish?

INOV-8 - Trailfly Ultra G300 Max

INOV-8 Trailfly Ultra G300 Max - Men's Expert Review

Outfitted with new technology and a specialized construction – the neutral-footed Trailfly Ultra G300 Max from Inov-8 is the ideal shoe for those long-distance runs and ultra-marathons where the beating sun just won't let up.


Featuring a G-FLY midsole made from the world’s first graphene-enhanced foam, the Trailfly Ultra G300 Max can retain the thickness of its cushioning over long distances, giving a snappy energy return and remaining much more reliable and resistant to wear and tear than other major competitors. This rebound helps runners to feel faster and fresher over greater distances without compromise, especially during warmer temperatures in the summer season where your comfort becomes all the more essential to getting out there and giving it a go.


The breathable, lightweight ADAPTER-FIT air mesh upper delivers support with a soft, natural feel that adapts to your body's movement as well as combatting the inevitable swelling from participating in ultra-marathons and extreme events in warmer temperatures. Underfoot, the ADAPTER-FLEX grooves allow the base of the shoe to adapt and react to terrain change, with a GRAPHENE-GRIP outsole that delivers grippy trail traction with meticulously shaped and positioned 35 multi-directional, 4mm deep lugs that grab hold of terrain for incredible forward propulsion and rear braking. For a shoe that can run the big miles and then keep on going, look no further than the Trailfly Ultra G300 Max.

Here at Runners Need, we believe it's never too late to start running. We're dedicated to helping everyone find the run for them, so why not check out our full collection of road and trail running shoes and discover your perfect fit?

Get out there and get running with Runners Need.

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