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Whether you're heading for the beach, a city break, or into the mountains, if you're planning on running on holiday here's everything you need to pack without having to compromise on weight and valuable suitcase space.

What Running Kit Should I Pack?

Always check the weather forecast before you pack to make sure you have the right kit for your destination.


It goes without saying that you'll need your running shoes but if you're heading to terrain that's different to your usual then make sure you have the right type.

Before you pack, research the  local area and landscape to decide what you'll be running on, whether it's town roads, rugged trails or sandy beaches, so that you can bring the best footwear for the job.


Good technical running socks are also a must-have. Adding extra support while still keeping your feet dry and reduce your risk of blisters. Take a few pairs if you're planning on running every day.

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If you’re heading for the beach or warmer climates ensure your running clothing is sweat wicking and fast-drying. Always try to run in the morning before temperatures get too high. 

For more on how to dress for warmer weather check out our ultimate guide to summer running gear.


If you're off on a city break you can still get in some road running. Make sure your clothing matches the temperature and forecast and don't forget:


For a chillier getaway you'll need to pack a little more.


Staying hydrated is essential in any climate; if you're struggling with suitcase space, bring a running belt or waist pack with a bottle holder, but buy your bottled water once you get there instead of bringing the bottle with you.

For more advice visit our blog on how to stay hydrated before, during, and after your run.

How can I Make Running Part of my Holiday?

Going for a run in the mornings, ideally before breakfast, helps divide your running training from your downtime. This is especially good if you're heading for sunshine where it's likely to be hotter in the afternoon.

With a little bit of forward planning, your running route can also include some sightseeing and scenic stretches along some more challenging sandy shorelines. You could even conclude your run by cooling off in the hotel pool or by going for a swim in the sea.

Try to set your training goals before you leave to help ensure you stick to a schedule, but don’t be surprised or stressed if you end up missing the occasional route. Remember that you are on holiday, after all!

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