Spring Trail Gear Guide

Get ready to hit the trails with this Spring Trail Gear Guide. Featuring new releases, footwear, clothing and accessories, find everything you need here.


Trail shoes are an essential item to have when running off road. They usually have larger lugs on the bottom of the shoe which give enhanced grip when running in slippery conditions such as mud or snow. Different shoes have varying lengths of lugs depending on what terrain you are running on. Typically, trail shoes also have a more durable sole in order to protect the foot from sharp rocks and uneven ground. Finally, the shoes generally have a tighter heel cup to stop the foot from slipping when descending or ascending steep ground. Some trail shoes also come in waterproof versions, which is useful when running through particularly wet or muddy terrain, but on the other hand can mean that your feet get sweaty quicker. 


Clothing is an important consideration whilst out on the trails due to the varying nature of the weather, length of run and terrain. Weather conditions can be changeable, and it is better to be prepared than to get stuck without adequate clothing on an isolated trail. Warm layers are a must in winter, and sun protective clothing is essential in the summer months. A lightweight waterproof layer can also be useful in case of rain. It is usually best to choose lightweight layers, and wear more of them so that it is possible to add and take away items whilst out.