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Meet Endurance Runner & Adventurer:

Jamie Ramsay

Endurance runner & adventurer, Jamie Ramsay, feels happiest on a run adventure. Inspiring our new season collection, we spoke to him to learn more about his happy place. Whether it's challenging himself both mentally and physically on international trails to pushing limits closer to home.

When did you realise running was your happy place?

I've loved the outdoors since I was a boy. My younger brother and I would spend a lot of time outside exploring together.


As we hit our mid-teens, our carefree days faded as school became our focus. Then came university, marking a shift to a more routine life. During this time, I had to decide my next move; following my dad and brothers footsteps and relocating to London.


I ended up landing a job in finance. While living my busy lifestyle in the city, I started to run as a means of escape. Over time, I progressed from 5K races to marathons and eventually worked my way up to half Ironmans. I began to realise that it was the training and participating in these events that made me feel more fulfilled and happier than my full-time job.

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What first sparked your passion for run adventures?

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In 2013, I was training for The Jungle Marathon in Vietnam, a six-day, 240-kilometer run. Despite training and fundraising, the event was cancelled a month before. Feeling slightly disheartened, I wasn't ready to give up. So, I decided to run the route solo.  


With just my backpack and essential running kit, I flew to Danang, stayed for one night, and started my journey. The challenges, including ill-suited kit, couldn't dampen my spirits. After finishing, I remember feeling immensely proud and happy. It marked a turning point in my life, and I suddenly realised what I wanted. So I started to plan my next run adventure through the Americas.  

What is it about run adventures that puts you in your element?

Living in our current fast-paced, technology-driven world, where constant connectivity and instant gratification are the norm, our minds are constantly overwhelmed. Exposure to screens and the pressure to engage with the digital world from morning to night takes a toll on mental well-being.  


For me, nature offers a respite from this chaos, allowing our instincts to take over as we focus on survival basics like direction, nutrition, and safety. I’m grateful for the opportunity to strip away the complexities of modern life, immersing myself in the spontaneity and exploration of the outdoors. So instead of meticulously planning my run adventures, I embrace the joy of unexpected discoveries — waterfalls, hidden caves, and the surprises around every corner. This unplanned, exploratory approach allows me to appreciate the essence of just being in the moment.

What do you love most about being outside?

Running alone in the wilderness is my form of self-care. Although after a while, I’ll start to miss people. This can quickly be fixed by visiting a nearby hostel, which quickly gets me ready to return to the outdoors. I find when I’m on a run adventure, I'm in a constant tug-of-war between the wild and civilisation.  


I prefer running solo, and an adventure becomes a way to earn it. Being alone indoors doesn't have the same impact. Reflecting and savouring the world around me happens best when I'm by myself. It's the realisation that I brought myself here to enjoy this moment that gives me the high. 

Why is it important of have the right kit on a run adventure?

Having quality kit is paramount for the best experiences. Whether it's well-fitting clothing or durable running shoes, the right kit means you’ll feel confident when you get out there.  


For me, exploring different run brands and creating in-depth kit lists adds another layer of enjoyment to my run adventures. And when I’ve chosen kit after in-depth research, it’s lasted for years. Proving the more you invest, the more you gain. 

What’s your process when creating a kit list?

A run adventure starts with planning and testing the kit. For me, this part is also crucial. I take inspiration from other experienced adventurers and specialists. Then I'll share their lessons with others seeking advice.

Are there any pieces of kit that you can’t step outside without?

Running demands a reliable and comfortable backpack; my favourite brands for this are Osprey or Ultimate Direction. I’ll also bring a small flask for when I've settled at camp, avoiding sentimental items for a lighter load.

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How can talking to kit specialists help runners make the right choice when choosing kit?

After getting a gait analysis and a 3D foot scan, I discovered I'd been running in the wrong-sized shoes for the last 6 years. My shoes were a size and a half too big.  


Knowledge empowers you to make the right choice, even if that means spending slightly more. By talking to a specialist, you understand why you're spending the money. It makes your experiences more enjoyable and prolongs the life of your kit.  


The Runners Need kit specialists also provided insights into the pros and cons of each piece of kit, so you can find the best match for your unique needs. 

At what point on a run adventure do you realise you’ve made it to your happy place?

For me, an exhilarating feeling kicks in after the first night, whether it's atop a peak or within a canyon — it varies with each run adventure. However, highs are often accompanied by lows. For example, once I had set up camp after a day of running, enjoyed an amazing meal, and woke up at 5:00AM to a stunning view. But within hours, I found myself in the midst of a windstorm that snapped my tent in two. 


The rapid shift from high to low teaches resilience. It demands you problem-solve fast to overcome challenges and continue the adventure. For me, that’s all part of the fun.

Have there been times when fear or self-doubt crept in for you?

Things can get challenging fast. On the Hajdú-Bihar trail in Hungary, I was faced with an unexpected steep trail that was quite elevated, and I'm terrified of heights! 


Overcoming this fear brought unexpected emotions. I cried, and remember the sense of achievement from facing my own discomfort. It felt powerful. After that, steep climbs became easier. And now, I'm left feeling excited by the challenge. 


Whenever I’m running or fast hiking, my best moments are when I feel a sense of self-confidence and clarity. I feel like this is what I’m meant to do, this is what makes me happy and this is my happy place. Every call for the next adventure reminds me I've worked hard to get to where I am.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, Jamie! If you're looking for advice on kit to help you achieve your goals, book an in-store appointment with a kit specialist. 


Browse the new season range at Runners Need to find everything you need for your next run challenge, from running shoes to packs and clothing. With specialist knowledge and the best brands, you can embrace your happy place.


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