Keep track of Cathy and Mollie’s progress as they prepare themselves for the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon! With just four months until the big event, they both have some serious training to get stuck into. 

We'll be following them along the way and posting snippets of their training journey’s, right up to the race itself. 


If you're training for a marathon or just keen to build up your running distance, bookmark this blog and keep your eyes peeled for the first instalment!

Virgin Money London Marathon 2020

Cathy Hanson’s Training Blog - 17/01

The Plan

Coming back to London after 2 weeks off for Christmas and to start properly training was a shock to the system. I spent the first week of January making excuses to miss the gym, running club and my planned runs. Not ideal when the marathon is approaching. 


Something that really motivates me is planning so I can see how I can reach my end goal. So in my first week of January, where I achieved minimal things in terms of my training, I sat down and wrote myself a training plan. I looked online at some plans I could use, but the trouble is they all ‘tell’ me to run on a Tuesday (for example), but I don’t want to run on a Tuesday!! I worked out a plan based on the ones online to suit me. For example, I love to go to my run club at runners need every Wednesday, so I scheduled that in to my week. 


Long story short, it worked! 2nd week of January and I’ve just about managed to pull myself back into my training plan. After the Christmas break it was hard mentally and physically to go on my runs and then push myself when training, but I am feeling much more positive about the next few months before the marathon. 


So my advice for anyone looking to start running, get a bit fitter or to train for a run.. write a plan that works for you, it honestly works! 



Time to start?

It’s okay to sign up to a marathon when it’s nearly a year away. When it gets closer to training starting, it becomes more daunting. As a regular 3 - 6 mile runner, increasing my distance by over 20 miles feels impossible at this stage. 


However, as daunting as it is, for whatever reason, people will sign up to run the 26 miles that make up the London Marathon. 


So my journey starts today, the 1st of January 2020. I will put on my trainers on for what feels more serious than your average 6 mile run, and begin the journey. 


Wish me luck!  



Mollie Little’s Training Blog

Week 1

I have just completed week 1 of marathon training, reaching a total of 43km. I only really started running properly in January last year, taking up park run with a friend, so I feel like I have come a long way since then.


It was difficult to motivate myself for the first run of the week as it was slightly rainy, but I always find that it’s much better than anticipated once you get going. On Wednesday I went to the Runners Need run club, where there were a lot of new faces due to New Year’s resolutions! We did the 5km route around Clapham Common and I ran there from my house in Balham in order to get a few more kilometres in. The run on Thursday was in torrential rain but the sun started to shine when I was almost home and I managed to spot a rainbow! My long run this week was 9 miles, so I ran the route from Runners Need to Battersea Park, but again added in a few extra kilometres by running from my house.


Despite using my new Garmin, I struggled this week with pacing myself. The pace I should be aiming for during my training runs feels particularly slow! So, on a few of them I ran a bit faster than I should have done, and particularly at the run club on Wednesday – I always find I run faster when I’m running with a group. My quads are quite sore now though and I am a little bit worried about injuring myself, so I am going to make a conscious effort to slow down a bit next week. And to stretch more! This evening I treated myself to a yoga class followed by a bath with Epsom salts and some deep heat on my legs, so I am hoping that will help me recover!


Next weekend I am going to run the long run which will be 11 miles with my cousin who is a seasoned London Marathoner, so I am looking forward to some company on that! 


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