Winter + Running + Snow


Winter can be tough for training; it’s cold, it’s dark, and staying motivated isn't always easy. Follow these 6 tips to keep you inspired and motivated throughout winter.

Buddy Up

Run with friends or if you can't tempt your friends out, join a Run Club. Running with other people is one of the best ways to stick to a regular routine. Together you can build confidence and cardio while keeping each other motivated to get out there and train. 

Warm Up Indoors

Warming up inside will help get your blood pumping and your muscles ready for your run, making it easier to head outside into the chilly air. It also prevents you from overdressing, ensuring a comfortable run whatever the temperature.

Remember, body heats up quickly when running so always dress as if it was 10°C warmer. To protect yourself from the unpredictable weather, consider a waterproof or water-resistant running jacket or gilet.

Invest in Gear

Having proper running shoes, and the latest technical clothing is a great motivator to get out when it's cold. Not only are you more likely to stay cool and comfortable but you'll be excited about putting your new kit to good use.




Winter + Running + Rain

Mix Up Your Running Route

Regularly changing up your running route is a great way to keep your routine fresh. Why not ditch the pavement for some trail running? Even if you live in a city, there are parks and commons begging to be explored. Don’t forget to take a head torch a lights for the shorter daylight hours and trainers appropriate for more rugged terrain.


Cross Country + Dawn

Make New Running Goals

Focus on 30-minute runs a few times a week. If you start your running regime in winter, you can slowly build stamina without increasing the risk of overtraining and cold-related running injuries. When you feel ready you can test your racing legs in a local 10K.


Winter + Running + Rain + Urban

Create Heat

Finally, making sure the temperature outside your duvet is toasty and warm will make getting up and dressed for a run in the morning much easier. If you're an evening runner, make sure you're as warm as possible before getting changed.



Winter + Running + Rain + Urban

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