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Europe’s Most Popular Health Trends in 2024

Runners Need conducted an extensive study that delves into the top apps in every country around the world. By analysing the leading apps on both Apple and Google Play stores across various countries, and juxtaposing their in-store rankings with Google search frequency, the study aimed to pinpoint preferences among users.

The analysis also took a closer look at the prevalent health conditions people were seeking information on in different regions, shedding light on the correlation between these conditions and the corresponding app usage patterns.

Health apps
health apps

Top 10 Most Popular Health Apps

In the ever-evolving world of health and wellness apps, certain trends emerge that indicate current priorities and preferences among users. Across Europe in 2024, women’s health apps designed for period and ovulation tracking standout as favourites. With the app Flo taking the number one spot and Period Trackr taking sixth spot, these apps not only cater to the specific needs of female users but also provide valuable insights and tools for managing reproductive health effectively.


Another significant trend observed in the study was the prominence of Garmin Connect as the leading app for cardiovascular health. Well known for its versatility, Garmin Connect offers a variety of features for tracking various physical activities such as runs, cycling, and even swimming. The app's intuitive interface and tracking capabilities make it a go-to choice for individuals interested in monitoring and improving their cardiovascular fitness.


The study also revealed the importance of sleep health and when it comes to sleep tracking, ShutEye emerged as the top choice. With its sophisticated algorithms and user-friendly design, ShutEye facilitates in-depth monitoring of sleep patterns, providing users with valuable insight into the duration and quality of their sleep. The study reveals that sleep tracking is growing recognition when it comes to overall health and well-being.


For those focused on maintaining an active lifestyle, JustFit emerges as the preferred app for tracking workouts and fitness programs. Offering a comprehensive suite of features such as exercise tracking, goal setting, and progress monitoring, JustFit empowers users to stay motivated and accountable on their fitness journey.


Mental health is also vital in the world of wellness and Impulse Brain Training stands out as the top app overall. Utilising cognitive training techniques and neurofeedback, Impulse Brain Training provides users with tools to enhance cognitive function, manage stress, and improve mental wellness. The app’s popularity highlights the increasing emphasis on holistic approaches to mental health and self-improvement.


The top 10 health apps reflected in the study showcase a variety of user needs, ranging from reproductive health management to mental wellness. Today, as technology continues to advance, health apps are likely to evolve even further and will continue to cater to an ever-growing range of health and wellness needs.

Europe’s Biggest Health Trends in 2024

Runners Need's study took a close look at the current health trends taking place in Europe in 2024, shedding light on topics that are currently dominating online discourse. 


Topping the list of Europe's biggest health concerns was ADHD. This neurodevelopmental disorder was the most searched-for health related concern, with almost 2.5 million average monthly searches across the world. The heightened discourse regarding ADHD, especially on platforms such as TikTok, reflect a growing awareness regarding neurodiversity. 


However, with the surge in interest regarding ADHD, the study also reveals the prevalence of misinformation surrounding ADHD. This poses significant challenges for individuals navigating neurodivergent behaviours or living with a diagnosis.

In response to the need for effective health management tools, Runners Need identified Univi, Goblin Tools, and Me+ Daily Routine Planner as the top apps for managing ADHD. These apps provide valuable support and resources for individuals seeking to better manage and understand ADHD.


In addition to ADHD, the study also revealed a variety of health trends that are currently capturing public attention. From the ongoing impact of Coronavirus to concerns surrounding anxiety, depression and nutrition, alongside conditions like endometriosis, diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure, and menopause, mental and behavioural health conditions stand out as the most searched topics. With this in mind, the study reveals a growing recognition of the importance of mental well-being in overall health.


The study also highlights the popularity of period tracking apps, with Flo leading the pack as the top app overall. With an impressive average ranking of four across every app store leaderboard and the highest user rating of 4.83/5, Flo solidified its position as the premium choice for menstrual tracking and overall wellness management. 


The prevalence of period-tracking apps reflected an increasing emphasis on reproductive health and wellness among users across Europe.

health concerns

How To Find The Right Health App For Your Lifestyle

When it comes to selecting the ideal health app to complement your lifestyle, there are a variety of factors to weigh up. Always look at user reviews and ratings when finding the app for you. This insight will give you valuable feedback regarding the app’s useability and overall effectiveness.


Also, take a close look at the cost of the app. Some apps offer premium features that come at a considerable cost, while others offer the same at no extra charge. But just as much as the cost of the features is important, the usefulness of the features themselves should be taken into account. If you are focused on women's health, seek an app that provides comprehensive tracking and insights into menstrual cycles, ovulation, and overall reproductive health. It is important to find an app with personalised features to accommodate your own varying cycle lengths and symptoms, as it can help you to track and identify patterns.


For cardiovascular health, look for an app that provides advanced tracking capabilities tailored to your particular activities. Search for features such as GPS tracking, route mapping, pace analysis, and heart rate monitoring. It can also be useful to see what integration it has with other health apps. For example, it can be really beneficial to connect cardiovascular exercise activity to other apps that track calorie intake and exertion, so that you don’t have to input this data manually.

Privacy Concerns

Always consider privacy concerns with health apps. Despite relatively low costs and useful features, we should be extra cautious with what information we’re giving away. While some apps are worse for this than others, all health apps collect personal data from us. While the app itself might be free, we are still giving companies permission to access data that ranges from age and address, to family member status, location and even more intimate information.


To those who may be unsure of what data is being collected, make sure you check the privacy policy on each app’s website to find out. It can usually be found at the bottom of the app’s homepage. If you are consenting to these companies' policies, choose strong log-in passwords to ensure your personal information isn’t compromised.

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