Athlete of the Month

April 2019: Adelle Tracey

This month we talked to another British International athlete Adelle Tracey.  Adelle has a personal best of 1.59 over 800m.  In 2018, Adelle finished 4th in the European Championships over 800m, breaking the 2-minute barrier in the process. Adelle has also competed in the Commonwealth Games and World Championships. In 2012, Adelle was part of the 'Secret Seven' who lit the Olympic Flame at the London 2012 Opening Ceremony. Read on to find out more about her daily life, training, and competitions.

Day in the Life:



8am: Wake up


8.30am: Breakfast


Mon/Weds/Sunday 9am: Run


10am: Prehab in the gym


5pm: Prehab or Cross training



Tues/Thurs/Sat 10am: On the track or in the park doing interval reps or Tempo.


3.30pm: S&C in the gym


5.30pm: Double run

What I Eat in a Day



Breakfast: On session days I have a big bowl of oats with banana, berries, chia and flax and on running days granola and quark or peanut butter on a bagel. And coffee!



Post run or session: Protein Shake



Lunch: Normally eggs on toast with avocado or left overs from dinner.



Afternoon Snack: Banana on nut butter and rye or oat cakes with cottage cheese



Dinner: Three favorites are Thai Green curry with coconut rice, Pesto Gnocci with roasted veg & Quorn and Black bean burritos.

How did you start running?


My family are athletics fans so it was always something I grew up watching and saw my older sister competing at before I could. I started running at Primary school where I joined the running club at aged 8 and then went onto train with the club I am still with (Guildford & Godalming AC) when I was 12. 

Who is your biggest running inspiration?


Several great athletes have inspired me over the years. I would say my earliest memory of knowing I wanted to be an athlete was after watching Cathy Freeman win the 400m at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. 

What is your best running memory?


Competing at the IAAF World Championships in London in front of a home crowd. I only made the semi-finals but it was my first experience of a global outdoor competition and I had a really fun time competing. In both races I set new PB’s and it showed me that enjoying competing was the best way for me to get the most out of myself. 

What would you class as your biggest running achievement so far?


Finishing 4th at the European Championships in Berlin (2018) and breaking the 2 minute barrier for 800m for the first time

What is your running lowlight and how did you overcome it?


I have been lucky enough not to have been injured for a prolonged period of time. However I really struggled with my blood iron levels back in 2016 and its something I still have to work hard to maintain. It was the most fustrating year because I couldn’t pin point for a long time why I was under performing and when we did find out that I was anaemic it took a long time to get my iron levels back to a heathy level. I tried to stay positive during this time, maintaining fitness and doing a bit of work to distract myself and by the end of the year I managed a PB. 

How do you minimise injury risk while training hard? 


I am aware of my areas of weakness and work hard at my prehab (preventative rehab) 3 times a week and strength and conditioning work which I do twice a week. One thing I never stop doing even when I have a break from running is glutes and core strenghtening work. 

What is your essential piece of running gear?


My bum bag! I am never without it. I love running and warming up with music so its super handy for holding my phone as well as keys and gym card. 

Where is your favourite place to run? 


I do most of my running in Bushy Park but I would say my favourite place to run is in a small town called Iten in Kenya. I have never been anywhere in the world where you can run so many routes from the door!

What is your favourite training session to complete? 


I really like anything similar to racing where I can test how fast I can go. A 500m time trial or a split 800m (600m (30seconds rest) 200m). I also really like fast 200s (8 x 200m off 200m jog). 

What running shoes do you wear most regularly, what do you like about them?


I wear a couple of different shoes for different things because of the way I move at different speeds but I do think it's also good to not get to used to a specific pair:


Longer runs: Nike Air Zoom Structure 22


Shorter & quicker runs: Nike Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo


Park sessions or hills: Nike Air Zoom Elite 10


Longer Track: Nike Splats (Flats with spikes)


What is your best piece of running advice?


Enjoy the process and the results take care of themselves. 

Tell us something about yourself people may not know...


I grew up in Jamaica and moved to the UK when I was age 7. 

A huge thank you to Adelle for taking the time to answer our questions. You can follow Adelle on Instagram and Twitter, or Facebook