Running + London + Heat + Sunshine


If you’re poorly prepared for running in the summer heat, it can affect your performance and even cause overheating or dehydration. Here are some tips for beating warm weather, whether you’re running your commute, squeezing lunchtime sessions into a busy working week or enjoying longer routes on the weekend:

Invest in Some Light, Cool Kit

In lunchtime or afternoon heat, technical running clothing helps keep you cool, dry and comfortable by letting your body breathe and by moving sweat away from the skin. Ronhill’s Vapourlite fabric, for example, has a light, knitted construction which wicks away moisture and dries quickly to combat excess heat and sweat.

Other nifty warm weather fabrics to consider are Nike Dri-FIT, which has mesh ventilation in the areas where you sweat the most, ASICS Motion Dry technology and GORE’s stretchy Microfiber, which keeps the body at a temperature where it can physically perform at its best (GORE claims that this is around 37°C).

There is also adidas’s ingenious SubZero yarn, which contains titanium and aluminium-silver microdot beads to cool you by conducting heat away from the body. The beads are located where you sweat the most: on the back, neck and the back of the arms.

Finally, technical running socks help reduce the risk of blisters by keeping your feet drier and cooler (read up on the benefits of technical running socks).

Stay Hydrated

To reduce the risk overheating, dehydration and low energy levels, take a bottle of water with you on every route. Sipping water is enough for 30-45-minute lunchtime routes, but after 1 hour your body needs electrolytes (vital salts) to retain fluids.


Dissolve a hydrating electrolyte tablet in your water bottle for these slightly longer summer sessions. Read our blog for more on how to keep hydrated on every run.


Keep Things Fresh!

If you’re running your commute or during your lunch hour, Runners Need Content Editor Rosie Groves has some tips for keeping things fast and fresh:

“For those of you who don’t have access to a work shower, I have had a go with a waterless hair and body shampoo from Halo. It’s surprisingly refreshing and a good alternative to baby wipes if you’re worried about the ecological factor. All you need is a microfiber towel.



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